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Groundbreaking Patient Transfer & Mobility Technology Comes to Market, Taking Patients from Bed to Chair Without Injury in Under Two Minutes

NORWALK, CT–The first of its kind “No Lift” patient transfer technology, AgileLife R2.0 Transfer and Mobility System (TMS) is here.  An enhanced version of the initial device, the updated TMS uses sophisticated software and engineering, allowing for a single caregiver to safely and effortlessly move an individual from bed to wheelchair …

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CareAlert Transforms Wall Outlets into Smart Well-Being Monitors

ATLANTA–CareAlert, the first of its kind well-being monitor system from SensorsCall, was developed after a frantic late-night visit to check on an aging parent after phone calls went unanswered for hours. The non-invasive technology preserves seniors’ independence while providing family or caregivers with regular safety updates, among other features. Unlike …

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CarePredict Launches AI-Powered Platform for Seniors Aging at Home

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL–CarePredict, the leading digital health company that provides preventive healthcare solution for senior adults announced the launch of their direct-to-consumer product, CarePredict Home. CarePredict was the first-to-market to use machine learning, smart wearables, and unique kinematics to quantify daily activities performed by older adults and predict health conditions …

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Lisa Cini’s 2019 Best Living Tech Product Forecast

COLUMBUS, OH–Lisa Cini, senior living expert and founder of BestLivingTech.com, has traveled the world to select her top 2019 product picks that help the 50+ crowd live more rewarding, safe and independent lives. “There are a million products out there to help us manage and improve our lives as we age, …

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DFree Professional Health Tech Wearable Device for Incontinence in U.S. for Senior Care Facilities, Reduces Cost of Diapers and Caregiver Time

SAN DIEGO–Triple W, an innovator of connected health devices, has announced the availability of the professional version of DFree®, the first wearable device for urinary incontinence. DFree Professional is designed for use by hospitals, senior care facilities and in-home care agencies, to help manage the care of patients with bladder control issues. DFree …

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CarePredict Wins CTA Foundation Accessibility Award

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL–CarePredict, the leading digital health company for senior care, has been selected as one of the five companies to win the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Foundation’s Accessibility Contest at CES 2019. The CTA Foundation is a national organization with the mission to link seniors and people with disabilities …

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